01. 01. 2015.

Happy New Year!

Dear IASL Members,


It is with great pleasure that I wish you all a Happy New Year.  I hope the year ahead will bring you good health, happiness, prosperity, and success in your personal and professional lives.


The new year represents a new page in our lives. As we make resolutions to fill the page, I hope somewhere on the page will be your continued commitment and contribution to IASL.  We are grateful for the support you have given us in the past, and we look forward to your continuing support in the years to come.


As we look back at the year that ended, we pause to remember those who have left us. In particular, we remember our founder, Dr. Jean Lowrie, who left us on 9 November 2014.  Jean was a steadfast supporter of IASL and was instrumental in many us, including myself, being involved in the IASL. She may not be with us in person any more, but we need to continue with her mission to help develop school libraries worldwide.  IASL remains committed to developing school libraries, and we invite you to help us in whatever way you can.


You may ask ‘what I can offer?’. There is much you can do – your continued membership in IASL, your sponsorship or encouragement of others to join the association, your sharing of experiences and expertise, your support for IASL conferences, publications, projects and initiatives, your service in committees and special interest groups  are but some of the ways you can help. We who can read and write, have access to technology, know how search for information, have a network of influential people, etc., are indeed privileged. We know from the many research studies and presentations, and perhaps our own experiences, that school libraries can make a difference.  Yet there are many children who do not have access to school libraries; many others have access to only rudimentary facilities.  Let us help them gain access to quality school libraries.  As Millennium Development Goals come to an end, and the post-2015 Development Agenda is formulated, let us ensure that school libraries are also on the agenda, directly or indirectly.


Let us resolve in 2015 to work together for the betterment of school libraries throughout the world so that the children will have a better future.


With best wishes,



Diljit Singh


International Association of School Librarianship